I'm Austin R. Scott.

I started making original music 18 years ago. My love of music has led me to study writing, composing, arranging, recording, editing, mixing, and mastering. The longer I follow this path, the more compelling it becomes, and every day is an adventure waiting to unfold.

I'm currently seeking opportunities to create music for film, TV, ads, and video games.

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Obsess/Release (2018, 7 songs)

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Obsess/Release is my first creation which I've seen through to the final product: distribution to mainstream media outlets. Some of the songs I selected were written back as far as 2008, and some were as new as 2017. I began recording in November of 2017, and finished in late January of 2018.

I struggle to let go of things that I've put my energy into. Art, relationships, beliefs, habits. This album is a collection of songs that are related to obsessing and releasing obsessions, discovering who we are and who we are meant to be.

Thought Experiments

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Daylan Rhea came to me with the stems for this album and asked me to edit, mix, and master it. I greatly enjoyed working on this album.

YouTube link to my '30 Songs In 30 Days' playlist

30 Songs In 30 Days

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I performed 30 of my original songs on guitar and piano live. I used a Zoom H4n portable recorder to capture audio. Videos 1-11 were recorded using my webcam, but a friend set up his cameras and lighting for the rest of the videos. We had 3 cameras set up. I used Cubase to mix the audio and I used Adobe Premiere to sync the audio and to do all of the video edits. Some of the video edits required color correction because one of the cameras was having issues. All of this was done in October of 2016.

Sans Genetic

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In 2015, I began throwing together ideas with a friend of mine, Chris D'Abreau. We formed Sans Genetic with the intention of making a gorgeous synth-rock project that had interesting texture. After meeting Hamilton Skrabanek we had a third member and we set a show date. We had our first show in October of 2016, but soon after that, the three of us parted ways for various reasons. I sang vocals and played synth on both of these songs, in addition to doing some of the mixing.


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This is where I put much of my experimental stuff. I like to play with sounds and this is where my play ends up. I'm still adding things to this channel.

This SoundCloud channel originally began in 2013. I wanted to create a set of music featuring synthesizers, effected vocals, robotic/autotuned vocals, and electric guitar. My experimentation took me elsewhere eventually and I'm no longer following in the original spirit of the channel, but I'm happy to use it as an outlet to show off demos.

A Funk Concept Album About Aliens

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In 2011 when I first moved to Seattle, I was accompanied by my friend Daylan Rhea and this was a piece of work that we did together. I played much of the keys and did lots of the vocals, and he did everything else. I edited and mixed all of this in REAPER.



  • Lyric writing, sheet music, fretted tablature, Nashville number system
  • Rhythm/melody/harmony writing, structure and arrangement
  • Microphone technique, instrumental recording and vocal recording. Vocal and instrumental performance (keys primary)
  • Quantization, pitch correction, EQ, dynamics (SB/MB compression, expansion, gates, limiters), sidechains, standard effects (Cubase)
  • Stereo balance, multiband compression and limiting, EBU R128 Loudness Standard (Cubase/Adobe Audition)


  • Python development, general web development (CSS, JS, HTML5, etc.)
  • OS deployment, network configuration and troubleshooting


  • Home/gaming PC purchase, assembly, and upgrade. Small rack server configuration
  • Kit assembly, soldering, multimeter usage, microcontroller programming and prototyping
  • 3D printer (fused filament fabrication) assembly, configuration, operation, and maintenance.

Personal Projects

Links to non-musical projects that I've been involved with.


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I've been a hobby programmer since I was 10 or 11 years old. I have never practiced in a professional capacity, but I often create projects for my own satisfaction and needs. This website was one such project.

I derive a lot of joy from coding and may someday find a way to link the activity with my musical talents.

3D Printing

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In the summer of 2014, I purchased a kit and assembled a 3D printer based upon the MBot 3D motherboard. Using Google SketchUp to design work pieces, I was able to create some modifications that improved upon the design of the kit. I never went much farther than that, having few extra resources to work on this project.

Eventually I'd like to have a 3D printer capable of printing complex gear assemblies and stuff like that. A resin printer would have much higher resolution than the one I'm using, and that's probably what I'd want to get eventually.


Don't hesitate to contact me with questions or comments.